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Unique Design Lighting


You have plenty of options when it comes to the wattage offered by a 28W 2D lamp. They range from 15 watts to 150 watts. Finding the level of lighting you want for a given location is important. Take a look at what you are replacing. Are you happy with that amount of lighting or do you need to decrease/increase it?

It is very easy to remove the old bulb. Make sure you have the light in the off position and the bulb you are removing is cool. You don’t want to get burned trying to remove it and to put in the new one. With the new one, you just snap it in place, and you will be able to turn the switch on and see how it works.

Variety of Fixtures

As long as you make sure the right amount of pins are the same as the socket, you can add a 28W 2D lamp to a variety of fixtures around your home or your business. Many consumers start out with just one in the bathroom or the kitchen. They buy it out of curiosity and wonder just how great could it really be?

Yet once they learn the benefits first hand, they are in a hurry to change all of the bulbs in their home or business to the 28W 2D lamp if it is possible. The white colour offered is crisp and clean but it can also reduce any problems you may have with glare. You can also get them in the frosted style if you prefer.

Where to Buy

In order to get the best results from any 28W 2D lamp you need to learn about the best products out there. Compare companies, prices, and the materials they make the products from. You can also gain plenty of insight by reading the reviews from other customers. It makes sense to buy those that have a wonderful reputation of offering consumers overall value.The price is a bit more than your typical light bulb, but well worth it when you evaluate all you get in return. Between buying fewer bulbs, changing the bulbs far less often, and saving on your monthly electric bill, they will actually pay for themselves after a couple of months! The more lighting you typically use, the higher savings you will reap.