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The Website That Offers a Solution to Pet Carrier Limitations

True animal lovers view their dogs as family members, which makes it hard to see them sad or lonely. As a result, several companies have created a variety of carriers designed to allow pets to travel with owners. However, many products include design limitations that have caused frustration for a number of users. With that in mind, two pet owners designed an improved carrier, which is available on their website. Known as the K9 Sport Sack, the backpack has quickly become a favorite among active pet owners and their dogs.

Pets Want to Join Owners’ Activities

There are two important issues that drove the development of the Sport Sack. Its designers felt terrible about leaving their pets alone and sad every time they went out. They also realized that the majority of pet carriers on the market didn’t meet their needs. That meant that beloved dogs were left out of activities like cycling, motorcycles riding, hiking, camping or even commuting. So the two animal lovers set out to create a better carrier.

Backpacks Are Designed Around Dogs’ Comfort

The new Sport Sack which evolved includes features that make it possible for dogs to stay safe and comfortable while remaining close to their owners. It is worn like a backpack and allows dogs to face forward, eliminating the motion sickness that backward facing carriers may cause. It includes ventilated sides and a collar hook. The carrier is so lightweight that owners can use it to carry pets comfortably as they go about routine chores like shopping. Carriers are safe and allow dogs to snuggle securely against their owners.

Owners Can Find Products for Every Need

In addition to offering carriers for various dog sizes, the backpack creators also sell a range of fun, useful accessories. Customers can buy doggie raincoats and fashionable glasses to protect pets’ eyes. There are collapsible water bowls, waste bags, and snacks. Clients can even order custom Velcro patches, bandannas and pet hoodies.

Dog owners who want their pets to enjoy activities with them can now buy a lightweight dog backpack which makes that possible. The backpack is carefully designed to keep both dogs and owners comfortable, while allowing pets to snuggle securely and safely. The carrier’s creators also offer a range of complementary products that include pet raincoats, sunglasses and custom items.