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Decorating an Eclectic Guest Room

1. Colours, colours, colours – for an eclectic look, there is nothing easier and perfect than the abundant use of colours. Forget the neutral shades and opt for bright and bold shades which capture all the attention and transform the guest room into a style hub. If you still can’t keep out the neutrals for the walls, pair them with colour accessories and furnishing. Neutral shades may be recommended for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere but bright eclectic colours too, when used judiciously, say in a bedspread or in curtains, can provide for a cosy ambience for the guest room.

2. Wall art might be a good idea too – splurging on the guest room is not such a bad idea especially when you are seeking to create an eclectic decor. Instead of plain walls which are a standard fare in most homes, give your guests the experience of a refreshing look for their bedroom by choosing an accent wall. There are any numbers of ways you can incorporate an accent wall and this includes using different textures, installing wall panels of leather or wood, choosing a wall mural or simply selecting brightly patterned wallpaper.

3. Mix and match furniture – Eclectic means assorted and when it comes to designing an eclectic guest room, installing assorted furniture sounds like a steal. Keep the bed the centre of attraction and whatever style you choose, make sure that it is adequately comfortable. For the rest of the furniture, first you’ll need to plan what all you need to keep to provide maximum functionality for storage, seating and also working. The next step would be to determine the spare area that is leftover after the bed has been placed. For more diversity in the furniture, visit a thrift store or an antique furniture dealer who can help you find an assortment of furniture in different styles, shapes and sizes to meet your requirements.

4. Go Bohemian chic – a popular new trend for eclectic interior design which has caught the imagination of experts even in the best luxury interior company is the Bohemian chic look. Inspired by the gypsies, it is a style which is unconventional and artistic and varies according to the individual who does the decoration. Mix old and new items with artistic flair for a dramatic appearance. And cover every space with chic trendy items which express your personal style.